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About Us

Hangzhou Expo  Plastic Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional development, design, manufacturing of foam white area molding equipment and EPS foam packaging equipment production enterprises, the company's many large casting factories are using our company's equipment to produce foam white mold.

The company has a professional team of talents with the foam white area forming process and actual manufacturing experience, which makes the white mold produced by the disappearing mold have the advantages of tight structure and smooth surface. Our company provides customers with a complete set of lost mold production process system, perfect after-sales service and complete process technology concept. The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of professional manufacturing and integrity management to provide customers with high-quality equipment and high-quality and efficient after-sales service. Through the continuous development of the company in recent years, the foam white area equipment and foam packaging are exported to Kazakhstan, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, Taiwan and other countries and regions, by domestic and foreign customers alike.

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